Welcome to the Collection Collection! This page is here as an index of sorts for my individual collections, both for ease of navigation and for potential recommendations, if you’re not sure where to start. It also serves to highlight my collections, so they don’t get buried under everything else. Feel free to bookmark this page, or hit the follow button on the right to be notified of any future posts!

Poetry Compilation Collection

This link will lead you
to my works of poetry,
all ready to read.

Review Collection

Sometimes I review things, such as video games, movies, anime, and real-life events. For now, I’m keeping this page up, but it’ll be split into separate entries once I’ve reviewed enough examples of each media type.

The Minds Behind Collection

The Minds Behind is a series dedicated to the development of common objects, as well as the people responsible for these advancements.

The 36 Stratagems Archive Collection

This was a series about the 36 Stratagems, a collection of ancient Chinese warfare tactics. My goal was to apply each stratagem to university life, as this series was written for my university newspaper, The Bolt News.