Poetry Compilation I: Coherent Contradictions

Poem 1: Frozen Inferno

An incomprehensible existence
which defies all laws by its mere presence:
An intense inferno at absolute zero.
It devours tirelessly
yet flowers ceaselessly,
spiraling endlessly
in freezing fractals of flame.

We all know this would never work.
Crystallized nothingness
in a searingly frigid abyss?
It exposes and disposes
of all common sense,
it’s nonsense incarnate.
Surely such a coupling could never work.

Heat absent of heat,
matter minus matter,
energy without energy.
Polar opposition
in synchronization;
a burning heart
and an ice-cold soul
in an equation so dysfunctional?
It simply does not compute.

It should not work,
and yet this frozen inferno
still keeps eternal
within an infernal
winter wonderland.

Poem 2: Caramel Anchovy

A salted assault on the tastebuds,
nauseatingly nourishing
and delightfully disgusting.
Meat dipped in sweetness,
a sugary coating upon a briny core.
An oily fish in the world’s seas
plus sugar (give or take a hundred degrees)?
Some things just weren’t meant to be.

Poem 3: Quiet Cacophony

I cry silently
as a quiet cacophony
envelops me.

Though I say nay,
they always say yay.
Does my voice even matter anyway?

I have no mouth,
but I’m in space it seems,
so you can’t hear my screams either way.

They care not what I say,
so I watch with a mask
from the silent expanse
as the tattered thread unravels.

I know how this show ends.
I’ve seen it a hundred times,
yet I can do nothing but applaud,
for the show must go on.

Poem 4: Personal Paradox

Roses are blue,
violets are red.
Nothing ever seems
to make sense in my head.
Who likes ketchup and tomato sauce
but not tomatoes?

I can’t see from far away,
and I sometimes miss things up close.
I can write most words with ease,
but in speech my mind will just freeze.

I’ve stood on-stage many times,
come up with many rhymes,
yet many times
I just don’t know what to say.

My thoughts aren’t always logical,
my very nature paradoxical.
An introvert actor?
A wordless writer?
What is it I desire?

I am the impossible, I am odd.
Fight the impossible odds I cannot,
for a war on myself
is a Pyrrhic endeavor,
one without a victor.

And so I must be
content to accept
the impossible

Poem 5: Zero Division

There once was a hero
whose name was just Zero.

One day, an army that all men feared
destroyed all he had once held so dear,
so he sought to kill by his own hand
the evil that had scourged his homeland.

None could hold a candle
to this hero in his battle.

The demon king was quite the mighty foe,
and their battle was quite long,
but at last the hero knocked down the throne
which had done his people wrong.

But it wasn’t enough,
his heart had grown too rough.

Though the bitter war was won at last,
Zero continued on in his fight.
He stayed to slay all evils he passed
through bitter days and endless nights.

No matter the crime,
they did their time.

The once-loved hero
had become feared
over his relentless
zeal for justice.

It was only too late that
he realized his fate, for
the once mighty Zero
was no more a hero.

Instead, he divided by his hand
that which he lost as a boy,
and he became the very demon
he had once sought to destroy.