Poetry Compilation VI: Broken Silence

Poem 1: Breaking Point

Who do you trust
when the ones who once
swore to protect now
protect none but themselves?

Who can we call on
when the ones to call
are showering innocents in
clouds of gas and rubber?

How can we believe
in the justness of
law when the law just
ignores its own laws?

There’s only so much we can take
before something in us will break.

Poem 2: Rainbow Requiem

Rainbow streaks line the sidewalks,
Obscuring stains of blood and tears.
Years of deep hardship
Given an apology
By time’s passing alone.
It’s clear from the blood-red smears that
Violence continues to talk.

Poem 3: Charcoal Phoenix

A resource once greatly desired,
yet not valued by pale-skinned men.
Charcoal was born from fire…
From fire, it will surely rise again.
We long ago set the stage for our strife,
this inevitable inferno we’ve created…
and when it comes to matters of life,
black’s worth must not be understated.
The phoenix’s plight never ends.
Though it may fall, it’ll fly once again.

Poem 4: Tattered Ace of Hearts

In my hand’s a tattered card
which I dare not play.
Last time I showed off this card,
they tossed it away.
They don’t understand nor see
how precious this card is to me,
it’s part of my identity.
I can’t let it go,
not when I know
you’ll just tear it apart,
my tattered ace of hearts.

Poem 5: Au/-/Artist

golden art
made with heart
au̶rtistic visage
aur̶tistic vision
fill in the cracks with gold
a beautiful sight to behold
it is not broken
i am not broken
i am not
i am part gold
part art
one hundred percent heart
but please be careful
contents are fragile