Poetry Compilation VII: Walls of Stone

Poem 1: Geode

The humble geode,
quite plain on the surface.
It looks like a rock,
rolls like a rock,
feels like a rock…
to the untrained eye,
it’s just another stone,
no different from a pebble
or a sand granule.

But is that really
all there is to see in it?

Perhaps it first looks plain,
but try looking again.
Within that hollow frame
is a gorgeous cave
chock-full of glittering
pristine minerals.
If you don’t know to look,
you may never learn this
precious stone’s true value.

Poem 2: Bedrock Fortress

Heed my tone, o foul dragons!
Your tongues of fire are for naught,
for ye shall not break us!

Our bedrock fortress is unbreakable,
impregnable, nigh-well invincible!
I pity the knaves who seek to defile
the sanctity of our knightly domain.

Hear our call, ne’er-do-wells!
No swords nor words nor cannon shells
shall penetrate these sacred walls!

So raise thy shields, o sons
of divine truth, and cast away
the deceitful dastards that yet dare
speak such vile acts of treason.

Condemn them once more
to the shadows from whence they came,
for they are one and the same!

Poem 3: Crystal Delusions

envision a veil of crystal
shimmering in beautiful
splendor, ruby reflections
without imperfections,
glittering crimson scattered
across marble floors.

such a splendid specimen
of precious stones
shall surely capture the sights
of experienced hunters and
adventurous explorers,
but at what cost?

a foregone conclusion
derived by delusional
eyes, price hikes devised
by faux-diamond dealers,
deciding a fragile facade
is a fraud worth millions.

a poor civilian’s got
naught to treasure but their lives,
yet many still seek out
this illusory veil which fails to
fulfill even its basic existence,
so then why?

these fools in search of gold
could therefore never spy
the veil concealing these lies…
so in the end as was intended,
their failure was foretold
before their quest even started.

Poem 4: Obsidian Heart

A heart of obsidian
which wants to be alone
to be forever unknown
locked in a glass cage
with detritus of the Stone Age
sediments from long ago…
sentiments never aglow
for a black-shaded glassy
igneous stone translucently
shining in the light
of lava’s bright glow
which since faded eons ago.

Poem 5: Beneath Venusian Skies

It’s always such a splendiferous day
upon the wondrous Venusian surface.
We know you’re looking for a getaway,
so let our travel agents be of service!
The weather here’s indeed quite balmy
the smell of sulfur wafts on the breeze.
The temperature’s just right, you see,
a lovely 470 degrees.
Now some may say this place is a hellscape,
wrought with death and acid rains.
But to you who seek release and escape,
Venus will surely cease your pains.
So let those worries melt right off your skin,
and open your heart to love once again!

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