Poetry Compilation IX: Driving Forces

Poem 1: Moment of Impact

Side Note: For a bit of context, I wrote this poem shortly after we got caught in a traffic incident, in which the opposing vehicle ran a red light. Nobody in either vehicle was hurt, thankfully, but ours had to be replaced.

I stare out of my window,
twiddling my thumbs
and looking forward to our weekend,
not knowing what’s to come.
One moment we’re at a stop,
soon to go from red to green.
The next, a sudden flash of black
against our blue machine.
Metal clangs across the pavement,
plastic scatters to each side.
Fluids bleed out from our engine…
but at least we’re still alive.

Poem 2: Highway Rest

Riding down a lonely road,
kilometers along
with no end in sight
when behold!
A trucker’s delight!
Rest for the weary behind the wheel,
joy for the child who just can’t sit still.
A place to break,
to refuel and stretch
amongst countless crests
and boundless bends,
hours along a lonely road.

Poem 3: The Third Thread

Side Note: This poem was written with Ecclesiastes 4:9-12 in mind, a Bible passage that was used as the central theme in my cousin Jessica’s wedding. The ceremony was enjoyable, and I’m glad we could attend, even if the trip to get to Brooks was… well… refer back to Poem 1. If you’re reading this, I would like to once again wish you and your husband Thomas the best as you move forward in life together.

A single length of cord is weak when
it has no cord else to turn to,
as its weave grows worn and frayed.

Be it broken, frayed, unwoven,
it simply can’t restore itself,
for it lacks in wisdom and strength.

Two cords entwined can strengthen
each other, for neither has to
bear the full weight of their burdens.

Through their struggles, trials, tribulations,
their labors shall be returned, so long as
each are allowed rest in due time.

A cord of three strands is not quickly broken,
as it becomes harder still to
split those who defend each other.

Through Father, Son, and Holy Spirit,
an unshakeable bond is born;
and through it, love shall slow our fall.

Poem 4: Slightly Used

New cars, slightly used!
Lots of options, what will you choose?
The fine Ford with the front lightly bent?
The sweet Subaru with a narrow side dent?
How about the Honda, hardly been driven!
Don’t mind the paint scuffs, just look at the ribbon!
Perhaps the Porsche, with its stylish doors?
Maybe the Kia, it has a rear view mirror!
We give you our quality guarantee!
Our cars won’t break down… probably.
So come on down, see something you like?
We assure you, our cars are better than bikes!

Poem 5: Masterpiece

There once was a plan to build a masterpiece.
It was a grandiose plan by a brilliant man,
and it would be stunningly stylish.
it was nevr ment 2b, howevr,
4 the bildrs wer lazy, there matreials flimsi…
and sew it was nver f