Unnecessarily Verbose: The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air

I wish to present upon you at this moment a quite compelling narrative, recalling how
my normal routine was suddenly and irrevocably upturned and overthrown…
If I may take a minute or so,
I’d advise you to take a seat rather than remain standing,
as I regale the means by which I took the throne of a Male Royal Heir in the realm known as Bel-Air.

In the western regions of Philadelphia, I was both conceived and nurtured.
A majority of my waking moments were spent in and around a playground.
I quietly played with naïve tomfoolery,
engaged in sports near my learning facility,
when a group of ne’er-do-wells who were indeed quite a menace
began to cause a ruckus in my presence.
Though I engaged in fisticuffs only once, Mother nevertheless was frightened beyond compare,
and thus informed me ‘You must relocate posthaste to your aunt and uncle’s homestead in Bel-Air.’

I sheepishly admit, I implored and beseeched her many times in the hopes she’d reconsider her view.
Alas, she stowed my belongings in a lone suitcase, bidding me adieu.
With a peck on the cheek, she transferred unto me a travel ticket,
so what else could I do but activate my Walkman device and proclaim ‘I suppose I shall make the most of this experience!’

A first-class plane ticket? For that, I’m indeed glad.
As I indulge in orange juice straight from a champagne glass,
I wonder… could this regal treatment be standard for Bel-Air residents?
If so, this may not be as bad as I had initially conceived.

Rumor tells, however, they’re the fancy bourgeoisie types…
Is this community truly the place they’d send an exquisite feline like me?
I think not,
but I’ll know definitively once I’m there,
so long as they’ve adequately prepared for the new Male Royal Heir of Bel-Air.

As the plane safely arrived and I set foot upon the tarmac,
a quite imposing individual resembling a law enforcement officer was in wait, holding a sign inscribed with my name.
I don’t wish to have myself locked in custody,
not when I’d only just made it into the city,
and so I parted at a speed comparable to lightning.

I summoned forth a taxi, and upon its approach,
I noted the license plate reading ‘FRESH’, as well as the fuzzy dice dangling above the dashboard.
If anything, I could describe this as an unusual sight…
but then I thought ‘No, let’s not ponder this matter further, let us proceed to Bel-Air at once.’

I arrived at last around 7pm, perhaps 8pm at the latest,
and I exclaimed to the driver ‘My close friend, we shall reconvene later!’
I gazed upon the settlement,
for I had last made it,
and I could at last rest upon my throne as the Male Royal Heir of Bel-Air!

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