March Update: New Schedule

Well, would you look at that? The snow’s melting, the birds are chirping; Spring has arrived. It’s now been a full seasonal rotation since the you-know-what rolled in, and while we’re still in dangerous waters, we can at least see through the fog to the other side.

Seeing that we’re 3 months into 2021, I’ve had some time to reflect on the direction I want to go with my New Year’s Resolution. That was to create a more consistent upload schedule for myself, in case you missed it.

Before I get into that though, I’d just like to note the fact that this website recently surpassed the 50-follower mark! It may not be a high number, especially compared to the audiences a lot of other content creators have, but it’s enough just knowing that there are people out there who like what I write enough to come back for more. To those of you who’ve decided to stick around, thank you, please know that I appreciate it.

Now then, the schedule. I wanted something that prioritizes creative flexibility, with deadlines that are also rigid and predictable so I can make plans far in advance. So, what I came up with in the end was this model:

  • Review Day
    • The 7th day of each month will be dedicated to reviews. This could be a review of a video game, an anime, a film, or some other media form I’ve yet to cover.
  • Variety Day
    • The 14th day of each month will be for works that classify as neither reviews or poetry. This could be My Five Picks, an analysis piece, a short story, or perhaps something more experimental.
  • Free Day
    • The 21st day of each month will be a free space. No restrictions, anything goes. Maybe it’s an update post like this one, or an extra review, or a two-parter’s conclusion, or nothing. Who knows?
  • Poetry Day
    • The 28th day of each month will be set aside for my Poetry Compilations. Each entry should include at least five poems, same as before, and the rest is self-explanatory.

There will be exceptions, of course. Time-sensitive posts will be uploaded irrespective of the scheduled days, such as holiday works or the Impressions series.

If this model works the way it should, it should guarantee that I create 36 posts a year, 48 if every Free Day is used up. I’ll readily admit that I’m not exactly the fastest writer in the west, but I should be able to manage at least this much.

With that, I’ve said just about everything I wanted to say at the moment, so I’m going to wrap up now. Whether you decide to follow me or not, thank you for reading up until this point. Stay safe out there!