(Poem) embers of a dying light

dusty sits a bookshelf
in the forlorn corner
of a drooping house
her rusty joints squeak
a call for company
praying for someone to
soothe these aching bones

just for a while
while there’s still light
while there’s still time

pull up a chair
and rest your weary feet
by the fireplace
boil a pot of tea
find a good book to read
curl up into a cozy blanket
and enjoy the peace and quiet

before the twilight fades
and a solemn sky
breaks to darkest night

This is a revised version of a poem I uploaded on November 29, 2021. I’m soon planning to delete the site of its origin, however, so the poems I believe are worth saving will be gradually revised/reuploaded here.

Also, side note, I’m going to have to temporarily disable comments on Sapphire Eulogy. Bots are flooding the comment queue with random strings of letters, for some reason. On a memorial post, of all things. Real classy. Guess I know where I stand in the eyes of our future AI overlords when the robot uprising finally happens.

I bring this up now because, while I didn’t directly base this poem on Grandma Ruby, she did inspire the writing process… and now that she’s gone, it hits me differently. Enjoy the time you have left with the people you value, because you never know when it might end.

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