(Poetry) Pandora’s Panopticon


How often have we dreamed of center stage?
How many have yearned for stardom,
to break free from obscurity’s cage,
for the chance to tell the world their name?

When you’re up there, however,
the world will always look your way,
and they’ll remember everything you say.


There’s nowhere to run.
Nowhere to hide.
The public eye knows all your crimes.

Take heed, you who reach to the stars,
for the court of public opinion is whimsical.
A guilty verdict is seldom reversible,
and innocence is easily annullable.

Once the world remembers your name,
the game will never again be the same.

TDW Trivia – The Panopticon is a conceptual circular prison, in which every single cell is openly exposed and visible from a central tower. The idea is that the prisoners don’t know if someone’s looking their way or not, and so they’ll be less inclined to act out in defiance.

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