The Minds Behind: The Archive Collection

Back when I was still a university student, I started a mini-series called The Minds Behind. These posts, which explored the historical development of modern technology, served a key role in developing my writing style. However, this series no longer fits in with my vision for Tyler DeWriter, so I’ve decided to retire it. This archive exists to compile these posts into a single place, thereby making them more accessible.

To preserve these archived works in their original state, they will receive no further edits. Keep this in mind, as the style may be a bit choppy at times.


Gazing Into The Past: The Minds Behind The Telescope

Topic List: The Dutch patent claims of Hans Lippershey, Jacob Metius, and Zacharius Janssen; Galileo Galilei, how the telescope was named, and how the device played into Galileo’s support for the heliocentric model; The development issues of the telescope, Sir Isaac Newton’s observations on light, and the creation of the refracting telescope; space observation, Edwin Hubble, and the Hubble Space Telescope.

Taking A Closer Look: The Minds Behind The Microscope

Topic List: Early use of glass and magnification; Zacharias Janssen, Galileo Galilei, and their design concepts; Anton van Leeuwenhoek, Robert Hooke, and the discovery of microscopic organisms; The optics roadblock, Max Knoll & Ernst Ruska, and their electron microscope; The SuperSTEM Laboratory and viewing atoms.

From Frames To Film

(This isn’t technically part of the series, but it follows a similar format, so I’m including it regardless.)

Topic List: Portraits, optical illusions, and Leonardo da Vinci; The Niépce brothers, Louis Daguerre, and the development of black & white photography; John A. Paris and moving images; The Roundhay Garden Scene, the film race, and a string of suspicious deaths linked to Thomas Edison; synchronizing sound with film; Walt Disney, Technicolor, and color in film; Hollywood, home viewing, and the advent of televised advertisements.

Counting The Days: The Minds Behind The Calendar

Topic List: Early means of counting time; Ancient civilizations and their calendars; Rome, Julius Caesar, and the names of our months; The Aztec and Chinese calendars; The leap year problem and the Gregorian solution; Revolutionary France and the failed revision.

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