(Poem) Hit Submit

It’s just one button.
What’s the harm?
One little button
between me and my future.
What have I got to lose?
Just do it, as the meme man would say!
Don’t let your dreams be dreams!
Turn them into reality!

…but what if they don’t like it?
I don’t know if I’m strong enough
to handle what happens next.
What if I fail?
Worse yet, what if I succeed?
Do I want all those eyes on me?
Which is worse,
the shadows or the spotlight?

I don’t know…
but first thing’s first:
let’s make sure everything is good…
at least, as good as it can be.
Spacing? Fine.
Lines? Ready.
Font? Steady.
Background design?
…now I’m just stalling for time.

Just hit submit.
It’s just one button.
One tap away…
One… little button.

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